SERVICE all-inclusive

Premium Quality Power Tools Deserve Premium Quality Service

Renowned for quality power tools since 1925, Festool leads the way in high quality, innovative dust free power tool systems and solutions that help professional tradespeople, get the job done faster, easier and with better results. Festool is now applying the same approach to our service program with SERVICE all-inclusive.

In short, SERVICE all-inclusive means that every Festool power tool comes bundled with an industry leading package of services to support and assist you with any problems you might encounter with your tool. View the SERVICE all-inclusive brochure. To take full advantage of these services, you need to register your Festool tool with us.

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PF 1200 36 Month Cost Protection Guarantee

No more annoying cost estimates and invoices. The Festool PF 1200 Aluminium Composite Machine comes with a comprehensive, 36 month guarantee that includes all wearing parts. In addition to material and manufacturing defects, the guarantee covers all wearing parts.