PSC 420 CARVEX 18V Cordless Barrel Jigsaw Basic in Systainer

For perfect handling at any radius

PSC 420 EB-Basic
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With these two, even tight curves feel like straight lines. With 3800 strokes per minute, the high-performance, energy-efficient EC-TEC motor gives you powerful, fast sawing progress every time. Always guaranteed: Utmost precision thanks to the specially developed hammer guide and the guide jaws featuring parallel adjustment. They act as a third guide to keep the saw blade on track with no compromises. And the fact that top performance does not merely relate to sawing results is also shown by the ergonomic design of our cordless pendulum jigsaws, which enables you to work tirelessly for sustained periods.

Main applications

  • Cut-outs for sinks and kitchen hobs
  • Trimming work on furniture, kitchens, for interior fitting
  • Cutting circles and curves
  • Coping end strips
  • Cutting workpieces to length
  • Edge notching on beams
  • Cutting from below
Optimum handling and operation

With a weight of only 2.3 kg, a slim, ergonomic design, non-slip soft-grip coating and on/off switches mounted on both sides (also centrally on stirrup handle version) for right-handed and left-handed operation.

Perfect combination of power and flexibility

The perfect combination of powerful torque and ideal curve handling. With its cutting performance matching the cabled versions,the sander is long-lasting and measurably superior to other cordless saws.


3800 strokes per minute generate considerable torque – supported by the brushless, maintenance-free EC-TEC motor.

Precision cutting along the scribe mark

The stroboscopic light brings the saw blade to a visible stop, while dust extraction and the blowing function of the CARVEX keep the view of the scribe mark free.

Perfectly straight, accurate cuts

The lifting rod guide and parallel adjustable carbide jaws act as a third saw blade guide to ensure straight precision cuts.

Accurate circular cut-outs

Even the smallest circles (radii of 34 mm to 1.5 m) are easy to produce with the core maker and compatible jigsaw blade, e.g. the S 75/4 K.

Guaranteed precision

Mitre cuts and undercuts of 0 to 45° are made with the quick-change angle table.

Changing saw blades without using tools

Adapting to the working material is worth it because the results are more accurate and the saw blades last much longer. The Festool system is therefore designed to reduce set-up times, e.g. with single-handed saw blade changing.

Sophisticated design right down to the smallest detail

The lowerable dust-extraction attachment for the CARVEX PS 420 jigsaws improves suction power and therefore your view as you cut.

Tech Specs
Tool Weight (kg)
2.30 kg with battery
Cutting Depth - Soft Steel (mm)
10.00 mm
Cutting Depth - Wood (mm)
120.00 mm
Cutting Depth - NF Metals (mm)
20.00 mm
Stroke Rate (rpm)
1 500 - 3 800 min⁻¹
Pendulum Cover Adjustment Stages
Battery Voltage (V)
18 V
PSC 420 Cordless Barrel Jigsaw
1 x Fine tooth blade
1 x Universal blade
Systainer SYS3 M 187
Battery pack not included
Tool Manual
Customer Questions
How is the additional handle connected to the PDC 18/4?
The additional handle for the PDC 18/4 locks in over the collar and indexes into position. 
How do I change the splinterguard on the Carvex PS 42/ PSC 420?
Replace the splinterguard by removing the old one and partially inserting the new one until it touch...
What setting does my jigsaw need to be set to for under cuts?
Make sure the jigsaw is set at 3 for undercuts.   
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