Plunge Cut Saws

Festool is home to an extensive variety of plunge cut saws that are designed to last you a lifetime. Our exclusive range of plunge cut saws, otherwise known as tracksaws, are used by builders, professionals and construction enthusiasts all around Australia. From a small home project to any huge building project, Festool plunge cut saws are built to withstand anything. 

All our plunge saw range come in a variety of sizes to ensure that you have the perfect tool for any job. Our saws come equipped with variable speed control and angle settings for delicate working adapted to the material and precision undercuts. Dual battery systems with flexible configuration options that, when combined with the guide rail, guarantees sawing perfection that leaves nothing to be desired - except for a power socket!

Looking for something different? Why not browse our other Saws ranges, including circular saws, sliding compound mitre saws, table saws or insulation saws.

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