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SSU 200 200 mm Sword Saw
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Festool Sword Saw Demonstration

The incredible sword saw is perfect for cutting very large bits of timber like a common rafter or a railway sleeper.

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  • Cutting soft and hard timber
  • Cutting wood fibre and PU insulating boards
  • Cutting polystyrene

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How to Cut a Common Rafter

A very fast way to cut a common rafter with a birds mouth or a railway sleeper in minutes using the Festool Sword Saw.

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Test Driving the Festool Sword Saw

Cutting an old soaking wet railway sleeper to test drive the Festool Sword Saw.

Clean is simply healthier

Clean work is important to protect your health, to make a good impression with customers and to keep everything running smoothly for precise work results.

Flawless guidance from a system

Compatible with 17 Festool tools, the guide rail system is designed to make your work easier by providing a perfectly straight cut.

Technical Data

Product Name SSU 200 Univers 200 mm Sword Saw
Motor Type Brushed
Power Source Corded
Power Consumption 1,600 W
No Load Speed 4,600 rpm
Power Lead Type Fixed Lead
Cutting Depth at 45° 140 mm
Cutting Depth at 60° 100 mm
Cutting Depth at 90° 200 mm
Mitre Angle 0° - 60°
Chain Speed 10.6 meters per second
Blade Position 0° - 10°
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter 36 mm / 27 mm
Tool Weight 6.5 kg
Electro Dynamic Run Down Brake

The saw chain is immobilised the instant the speed regulator is released.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring of the coil temperature protects against damage to the motor.

Electronic Overload Protection

Protects the motor with blocking tool.

Guide System

Patented guide system for safe guidance of saws and routers.

MMC Digital Electronics

Processor controlled "Multi Material Control" power electronics provide adjustable and constant speeds as well as temperature monitoring for work on all types of material.

Plus Systainer

Plus versions of power tools come in systainer storage containers.

Starting Current Limiter

Simple start for house hold fuses.

Standard Connection

Built in connector for dust extraction.