Work Lights

Good lighting is paramount in dangerous work sites -- not only do powerful lights allow workers to see better what they're doing, but they also make sure they're seen by others, which minimises the number of mistakes and preserves the safety of human life as well. Festool's range of SYSLITE work lights are used in construction sites all over Australia and are trusted by thousands of contractors, builders and labourers. The powerful, energy efficient, high performance SYSLITE LED light provides a great working light. Lamp heads can be adjusted into nine different positions by a vertical angle of 135 degrees. Stable and tilt resistant the SYSLITE can be attached using the belt clip or trestle hook. The handy SYSLITE UNI is always at the ready when you need to bring light into dark corners with its low weight and compact form, it's always a welcome sight.

Call us at 1300 063 900 today to book your free demo where you can experience the wonders of Festool work lights without having to spend a dime. We're that certain that you'll love our heavy duty work lights!

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