Centralised Dust Extractors

Festool is proud to present the TURBO II 7.5kW ATEX Centralised Extraction Turbine - Australia's highest performing centralised dust extraction system that boasts an incredbily low energy consumption rate.

Our top rated centralised extraction turbine features dynamic control technology that maintains constant vacuum power for up to 14 workstations and is specifically designed for extracting combustible and explosive dusts. The extractor complies with the ATEX directive for zone 22 and has approval for dust class M and dust explosion classes St1, St2 and St3 and our patented and dynamic control unit (DC-TEC) automatically reduces the energy consumption to the absolute minimum, saving up to 80% of energy cost. This intelligent system controls the relationship between the requested suction power and required energy.In addition, automatic filter cleaning cycles are carried out continuously in order to guarantee 100% suction power and health protection flow sensor monitors a minimum air speed of 20m/sec and issues a warning if the air speed falls below that value!

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