CTL 48 B22 Dust Extractor for Combustable Dust
CTL 48 B22 Dust Extractor for Combustable Dust
Product Number 201480
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CT Dust Extractors Introduction

A deeper look at Festool's revolutionary CT Dust Extractors.

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  • Extraction of flammable and explosive dusts
  • Automatic operation with power and air tools
  • Workshop and on site cleaning
  • Continuous professional and industrial application
  • Wet and dry extraction

Clean is simply healthier

Clean work is important to protect your health, to make a good impression with customers and to keep everything running smoothly for precise work results.

Technical Data

Product Name CTL 48 B22 Dust Extractor for Combustible Dust
Power Consumption 150 W - 1,100 W
Maximum Airflow 3,400 l/min
Maximum Vacuum 23,000 Pa
Filter Surface Area 6,318 cm2
Container/Filter Bag Capacity 48 / 46 L
Auto Clean Function No
Dust Approval Rating Dust Class EC - flammable or explosive dust
Mains Cable Rubber Insulated
Mains Cable Length 7.5 m
Maximum Wattage of Connected Tool 2,400 W
Dimensions - Length x Width x Height 630 mm x 406 mm x 640 mm
Weight 18.6 kg

Speed control for adjusting to the working material.

EC-TEC Brushless Motor

The EC-TEC brushless drive concept generates an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy.

Antistatic Function

Dust extractors and tools with antistatic function to prevent static buildup when working.

CLEANTEC Connection System

Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.


Health protection flow sensor which monitors a minimum air speed of 20m/sec and issues a warning if the air speed falls below that value.