With the help of Festool's range of world class polishing sponges and pads, you can ensure a picture perfect and smooth finish on anything that you're working on.

Say hello to the easy removal of polish residue from the painted surface. Our white polisher pads are perfect for polishing out swirl marks and producing a high gloss finish. Black pads with a honeycombed face for removing polish residue from the painted surface. Polishing sponge that is yellow and coarse for polishing heavily weathered surfaces in the preparation for painting. Lastly, polishing sponge that is orange and provides a coarse-medium finish. For preliminary polishing when repairing paint flaws.Top quality polishing pads that are reliable ensuring best results with all types of paint.

As you can see -- whatever your need is, we have a polisher pad or sponge to accomodate! Explore our range or give us a call at 1300 063 900 for more information today!

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