Dust Extractor

Festool is home to the best L, H and M class dust extractors you will find in Australia.

Our extensive range of dust extractor vacuums are designed to shine in any sticky situation. Our top rated dust extractors and dust extractor hoses are perfect for cleaning on worksites, in workshops and in offices. With a large container capacity, our machines are designed to vacuums up dust, dirt and water and keep running for long periods of work without having to change the filter bag. Festool's Antistatic hose design helps you work cleaner by preventing dust from accumulating on the exterior of the hose. You'll also work more efficiently with a system that prevents clogging due to particulate build up inside the hose. Work more safely by preventing static discharge and shocks. A durable, pliable design withstands heavy use and prevents kinking for longer service life and more efficient work. All our dust extractors come with HEPA filters for enhanced filtration and are absolutely perfect for mobile work with their compact dimensions, low weight and sturdy wheels.

Call us at 1300 063 900 to book a free demonstration where you can get hands-on with our dust extractors and benefit from expert advice from our team of Technical Sales Consultants.