Guide Rail 1080mm (1.080m)
Guide Rail 800mm (0.8m)
Guide Rail 800mm (0.8m)
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  • FS 1080 mm Guide Rail

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Product Range

Product NoProduct Display NameLengthPrice (Inc. GST)Qty
491499 FS Guide Rail 800 mm800 mm or 0.8 m$150.00
491498 FS Guide Rail 1400 mm1400 mm or 1.4 m$229.00
491503 FS Guide Rail 1900 mm1900 or 1.9 m$399.00
491502 FS Guide Rail 2400 mm2400 mm or 2.4 m$599.01
491937 FS Guide Rail 2700 mm2700 mm or 2.7 m$650.00
491501 FS Guide Rail 3000 mm3000 mm or 3.0 m$750.00
491500 FS Guide Rail 5000 mm5000 mm or 5.0 m$999.00

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Flawless guidance from a system

Compatible with 17 Festool tools, the guide rail system is designed to make your work easier by providing a perfectly straight cut.

Technical Data

Product Name FS Guide Rail 1080 mm
Length 1080 mm or 1.080 m