Rubin Abrasive Disc 125mm 9 Hole
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Scope of Delivery

  • 50 x Abrasive Discs 125 mm P80

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499101 P4010$26.50
499093 P4050$81.50
499102 P6010$25.00
499094 P6050$75.00
499103 P8010$23.50
499104 P10010$19.50
499096 P10050$60.01
499105 P12010$19.50
499097 P12050$60.01
499106 P15010$19.50
499098 P15050$60.01
499107 P18010$19.50
499099 P18050$60.01
499108 P22010$19.50
499100 P22050$60.01

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Technical Data

Product Name Rubin Abrasive Disc 125 mm 9 Hole P80
Grit P80
Diameter 125 mm
Quantity in Pack 50