Reversible Blade Groove Cutter, 12mm Shank HW S12 D14/45 WM
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Scope of Delivery

  • Turning Plate Cutter

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Product Range

Product NoProduct Display NameCutting LengthTotal LengthCutter DiameterPrice (Inc. GST)Qty
490952 Groove Cutter HW S8 D3/NL66 mm45 mm3 mm$68.50
491078 Turning Plate Cutter HW S8 D8/NL2020 mm8 mm$211.50
490941 Groove Cutter HS S8 D3/NL88 mm45 mm3 mm$34.00
491079 Turning Plate Cutter HW S8 D10/NL2525 mm10 mm$214.50
490953 Groove Cutter HW S8 D4/NL1010 mm45 mm4 mm$68.50
491080 Turning Plate Cutter HW S8 D12/NL3030 mm12 mm$220.00
490942 Groove Cutter HS S8 D4/NL1515 mm48 mm4 mm$34.00
490943 Groove Cutter HS S8 D5/NL1212 mm50 mm5 mm$34.00
492715 Turning Plate Cutter HW S8 D14/NL3030 mm14 mm$248.50
492716 Turning Plate Cutter HW S8 D16/NL3030 mm16 mm$243.50
490954 Groove Cutter HW S8 D5/NL1212 mm45 mm5 mm$69.50
490955 Groove Cutter HW S8 D6/NL1414 mm55 mm6 mm$70.00
492717 Turning Plate Cutter HW S8 D18/NL3030 mm18 mm$256.50
490956 Groove Cutter HW S8 D7/NL1717 mm55 mm7 mm$74.50
490957 Groove Cutter HW S8 D8/NL2020 mm55 mm8 mm$76.51
491647 Groove Cutter HW S8 D8/NL3030 mm60 mm8 mm$87.51
490958 Groove Cutter HW S8 D9/NL2323 mm55 mm9 mm$64.00
490959 Groove Cutter HW S8 D10/NL2020 mm60 mm10 mm$65.00
490960 Groove Cutter HW S8 D10/NL2525 mm60 mm10 mm$69.50
491648 Groove Cutter HW S8 D10/NL3030 mm60 mm10 mm$76.51
491086 Groove Cutter HW S12 D10/NL3535 mm90 mm10 mm$122.50
490961 Groove Cutter HW S8 D11/NL2020 mm60 mm11 mm$71.01
490962 Groove Cutter HW S8 D12/NL2020 mm60 mm12 mm$72.50
491649 Groove Cutter HW S8 D12/NL3030 mm60 mm12 mm$79.50
490963 Groove Cutter HW S8 D13/NL2020 mm60 mm13 mm$76.51
490964 Groove Cutter HW S8 D14/NL2020 mm60 mm14 mm$77.50
490965 Groove Cutter HW S8 D15/NL2020 mm60 mm15 mm$82.50
490966 Groove Cutter HW S8 D16/NL2020 mm60 mm16 mm$90.50
490967 Groove Cutter HW S8 D16/NL3030 mm65 mm16 mm$91.50
490968 Groove Cutter HW S8 D18/NL2020 mm60 mm18 mm$96.50
490969 Groove Cutter HW S8 D18/NL3030 mm65 mm18 mm$97.50
490970 Groove Cutter HW S8 D19/NL2020 mm60 mm19 mm$98.51
490971 Groove Cutter HW S8 D20/NL2020 mm60 mm20 mm$98.51
490972 Groove Cutter HW S8 D20/NL3030 mm65 mm20 mm$101.50
490973 Groove Cutter HW S8 D22/NL2020 mm60 mm22 mm$104.50
490974 Groove Cutter HW S8 D24/NL2020 mm60 mm24 mm$111.50
490975 Groove Cutter HW S8 D25/NL2020 mm60 mm25 mm$123.50
490976 Groove Cutter HW S8 D30/NL2020 mm60 mm30 mm$136.50
491087 Groove Cutter HW S12 D12/NL4040 mm90 mm12 mm$128.00
493789 Groove Cutter HW S12 D13.2/NL3535 mm85 mm13.2 mm$161.50
491088 Groove Cutter HW S12 D14/NL4040 mm85 mm14 mm$150.00
491089 Groove Cutter HW S12 D14/NL5040 mm85 mm14 mm$192.01
493790 Groove Cutter HW S12 D15/NL35 35 mm85 mm15 mm$181.50
491090 Groove Cutter HW S12 D16/NL4545 mm90 mm16 mm$155.00
491091 Groove Cutter HW S12 D16/NL6060 mm100 mm16 mm$198.00
491092 Groove Cutter HW S12 D18/NL4545 mm90 mm18 mm$165.50
491093 Groove Cutter HW S12 D20/NL4545 mm90 mm20 mm$176.00
491094 Groove Cutter HW S12 D22/NL4545 mm90 mm22 mm$187.50
491095 Groove Cutter HW S12 D24/NL4545 mm90 mm24 mm$198.00
491096 Router Cutter HW S12 D30/NL3535 mm90 mm30 mm$263.51

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Technical Data

Product Name Turning Plate Cutter HW S12 D14/NL45
Cutter Diameter 14 mm
Shank Diameter 12 mm
Cutting Length 45 mm
Total Length 105 mm