BPC 12 Battery Pack Li 1.5 Ah
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Product Range

Product NoProduct Display NameBattery VoltagePrice (Inc. GST)Qty

18V Li-ion 6.2 Ah Bluetooth®  Airstream Battery...

201774 18V Li-ion 6.2 Ah Airstream Battery Pack18V$185.00

18V Li-ion 5.2 Ah Bluetooth®  Airstream Battery...

200181 18V Li-ion 5.2 Ah Airstream Battery Pack 18V$135.00
201789 18V Li-ion 3.1 Ah Battery Pack18V$105.00
500434 14.4V Li-ion 5.2 Ah Airstream Battery Pack14.4V$135.00
498340 14.4V Li-ion 3.0 Ah Battery Pack14.4V$125.00
500184 10.8V Li-ion 2.6 Ah Battery Pack10.8V$135.00
498336 10.8V Li-ion 1.5 Ah Battery Pack with Belt Clip10.8V$125.00
489731 12V NiMH 3.0 Ah Battery Pack12V$227.00
491821 12V NiMH 3.0 Ah Battery Pack12V$185.00
489728 12V NiMH 3.0 Ah Battery Pack 12V$225.01

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Technical Data

Product Name 10.8V Li-ion 3.0 Ah Battery Pack with Belt Clip
Battery Voltage 10.8V
Battery Capacity 3.0 Ah
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Weight 0.49 kg

Compatible Tools

  • T 12 Cordless Drill/Driver