Plunge Adapter Depth Stop and Dust Extraction Starter Set OSC

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Makes it possible to created precisely guided plunge cuts, saw with minimal dust generation and make plunge cuts to a defined depth.
Includes an adapter for fitting accessories without tools.


Main Applications

  • Precision placement on scribe marks
  • Virtually splinter-free sawing of delicate surfaces
  • Greater accuracy with the positioning aid: ideal for cutouts in delicate materials
  • An extractor can be attached when carrying out sawing work indoors that generates large amounts of dust
  • Perfect for working with mineral-based materials (such as plasterboard) and for sawing above head height
  • Plunge cuts with a defined depth to protect the saw blade
Dust extraction device

For sawing with minimal dust and having a clear view of the workpiece. Ideal for sawing above head height.

Positioning aid

For precisely guided plunge cuts. With integrated depth stop and extractor connector.

Depth stop

For precisely defined plunge cuts – to protect the saw blade.

CLEANTEC Connection System
Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.
Tech Specs
Weight (kg)
0.64 kg
Plunge Depth
Max. 56.0 mm depth stop
Plunge Depth
Max. 20.00 mm sliding shoe
Depth Setting (mm)
Max. 42.00 mm with position guide
OSC-A adapter
in self-service display pack
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