Plane Arm Extension LHS 225 PLANEX

Dust free long reach sanding
VL for LHS 225
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ETA: 16-05-2024

Guide extension designed for Planex Sander to extend working reach.

Arm Extension
Customer Questions
The laser on my Kapex seems dull, is something wrong?
The screw right hand side of the laser can be loosened and the laser lens removed. The lens can then...
Can I use the backing plate for the LHS 2 Planex part number 205415 on my Planex Easy?
We recommend you use a Soft Backing Pad (part number 202546) for the Planex Easy  This doesn'...
Should I always run my vacuum and LHS at maximum speed?
Best to adjust the speed of both sander and vacuum to suit the material, surface and finish needed.
Can I use the Festool App to adjust the brightness on my LHS 2 ?
The app is currently not available in Australia. 
Can I use the bluetooth app on my new Planex 2 225?
Unfortunately the bluetooth app isn't available in Australia just yet. 
Can I use the standard Plug It Cable on my Planex Sander?
You could use it however we recommend the Planex Plug It Cable (part number 203933) as it is engine...
What lengths can you achieve with the LHS 2 using the extension arms?
The length of the fixed handle is 1.20m. With one arm extender the length increases to 1.70m and wi...
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