EXTRA SECURITY by registering for Service All-Inclusive:

Register your Festool Tool

How does it work?

  • Register the PF 1200 machine for Service All-Inclusive
  • In the event of a warranty claim, 
Find your nearest Repair Drop Off Point
  • All you need to do is return your tool to the closest repair drop of point and they will take care of the rest for you.
  • If your tool has been registered for Service All-Inclusive, your freight from the dealer to the service centre is FREE of charge for the first 3 years of ownership. When dropping your product off for repair at the Dealer, it is very important that you take with you your Service all-Inclusive registration certificate.

If you have questions regarding the repair, please contact your dealer or you can also contact Festool customer service team on Ph. 1300 063 900 or email at customercare@tooltechnic.com.au

Visit our repairs and returns section for further information.

Service in detail

The 36 month cost protection gives far greater benefits than a 36 month warranty.

Cost protection claims are valid if - the delivered PF 1200 machine is proven to have material or manufacturing faults as per the warranty conditions.- In addition the wearing parts (more specifically carbon brushes, ball bearings, rubber sleeves, sealing rings and switches) are proven to be damaged as a result of natural wear from normal use of the machine these are all covered under your FESTOOL PF 1200 ‘cost protection’ promise.

Cost protection claims are not valid if - consumable materials and accessories become damaged, in particular saw blades, router bits, cutting blades, cutting accessories.
- instructions in the operating manual or other documents accompanying the machines relating to the connection, installation, commissioning, operation, use and maintenance of machines are ignored.
- the machines are used improperly or damaged externally (as a result of falls or impacts).
- machine defects occur as a result of the use of non-original accessories or spare parts.
- machines are modified, dismantled or components are added.
- machines are used for continuous work in production type industrial applications resulting in extensive wear, or are used persistently for applications that place an above-average load on the machine.

Visit our 3 Year Warranty section or further detail about the standard Festool 36 month warranty conditions.