OF 1010R 55mm Plunge Router in Systainer

Small tool for delicate tasks.

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Extremely versatile. Extremely precise. Extremely easy to handle: Whether guided freely or on the guide rail, the OF 1010 router is the ideal one-handed device. Thanks to its size and low weight it can be guided along edges, lines or curves with just one hand. For routing profiles, grooves, rebates and dovetail joints – the OF 1010 impresses with a wide variety of technical solutions.

  • Compact design and light weight
  • Clear view of the routing area
  • Quick and easy cutter changes
  • Routing depth adjustment to 1/10 mm
  • Torsionally rigid router table due to guide columns on both sides
  • Greater safety thanks to quick-acting brake and restart protection
  • MMC electronics for adaptation to the working material and temperature monitoring
  • Chip extraction system integrated into the router table for hose diameters D 27 and D 36

Main applications

  • Rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges
  • Recessing metal fittings
  • Grooving rear panels, recessing dovetail batons or routing plasterboard with the guide system (edging technology)
  • Producing rows of holes in cabinets using the hole series system LR 32
  • Fashioning wooden joints with the VS 600
The best option for precision

The clearly visible work area of the OF 1010 R offers an unobstructed view of the router. This enables users to achieve cutting results with absolute precision.

Double column clamping

The OF 1010 R is clamped to both guide columns at the same time. This means that the router is secured in place with absolute torsional rigidity. This ensures perfect routing results and time-consuming reworking is a thing of the past.

Lightweight structure with excellent ergonomics

Its ergonomic handle makes the OF 1010 R rest particularly snug in your hand and makes guiding the machine safe and convenient.

Cutter replacement in record time

The cutter of the OF 1010 R can be changed quickly and safely thanks to the easy-to-access work area.

The perfect combination for clean work

The unique chip deflector enables optimal dust extraction, and guarantees excellent suction power when routing edges in combination with the dust extraction attachment and a Festool extractor.

Fine adjustment

The OF 1010 R has a precise depth adjuster. It takes just a few seconds and minimal effort to finely adjust the routing depth accurate to a tenth of a millimetre using the dial.

Clean and healthy working with a system

Forms the perfect combination with Festool extractors for an unobstructed view of the workpiece and for healthy, precise, time-saving work. The bayonet fitting makes it easy to attach and securely hold suction hoses D 27 and D 36.

The right router for every application

Unconditional quality is uncompromising. That is why we recommend using original Festool cutters, Machines, routers and accessories – we provide optimum equipment from a single source for versatile and efficient working.

Integrated support

The OF 1010 R is fitted with a support to prevent the router from tipping over when used with the guide rail As a result, it stays in the groove and produces the desired result.

Easy to copy workpieces

Workpieces can be copied quickly using the angle arm. The arm runs along the profile of the original workpiece and this profile is then transferred to the workpiece being processed using the router.

Tech Specs
Tool Weight (kg)
2.70 kg
No Load Speed (rpm)
10 000 - 24 000 min⁻¹
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm)
27 mm
Collet Diameter (mm)
6 - 8 mm
Routing Depth Adjustment Range (mm)
8.00 mm
Power Lead Type
Plug-it Lead
Power Source
Power Consumption (W or kW)
1010 W
Motor Type
Routing stroke
55.00 mm
Bench opening
50.00 mm
OF 1010 55mm Plunge Router
Guide rail adapter
Open ended spanner, WAF 19
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