What is the best plaster sander?


Sanding is an integral part of the plastering, painting & renovations jobs. Sanders can sand extra plaster, paint, wallpaper adhesives and other things.

Festool's walls & ceilings sanders provides the top-quality finish that you have always wanted. They are maintenance free and simple to handle that allows smooth sanding at maximum speed, while its low weight allows you to work for a long period of time. let’s take a look at PLANEX easy rotary sander and PLANEX 2 random orbital sanders and their features & applications.


PLANEX Easy rotary sander

✓ Light weight (4kg) & ergonomic designed that means you can work without getting tired
✓ Fixed length with flexible head joint
✓ Working close to the edge with the removable brush segment
✓ Rotary motion coupled with AutoClean dust extractor for dust free work
✓ Extremely mobile and easy to transport with the carry bag
✓ Suitable for plasterwork application (sanding walls and ceilings, sanding plasterboard)
✓ Removal of carpet residue, coats of paint, coverings, adhesives, loose plaster and other coatings.
TSC 55 Plunge Saw

PLANEX 2 Random orbital sander

✓ Light weight (4kg) + 700gm extension
✓ Variable length for full flexibility in tight spaces and with high ceilings
✓ LED light illumination for revealing unevenness on the surface during sanding
✓ Random orbital motion coupled with AutoClean dust extractor for dust free work and best surface quality finish
✓ Suction assist for walls & ceilings for easier sanding
✓ Comes in Systainer for easy setup & pack up
✓ Best suited for plaster work & painting application (sanding walls and ceilings, processing dry wall filler, plaster & dispersion filler)

When making a purchasing decision between the PLANEX Easy and the PLANEX 2 plaster sander, this comparison video will guide as to where these tools are typically used and for what applications and the strengths of the two plaster sander systems.

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