The CS 50 PRECISIO 190mm Table Saw, a dynamic powerhouse!

Do you need the high precision of your workshop-based table saw but in a compact, easy to transport, fully functional package?

That is why the CS 50 PRECISIO was developed by Festool!

It's just as important to perform high-quality cuts on-site as it is in the workshop. With the CS 50 PRECISIO you have the versatility of both a great workshop table saw with the advantages of taking your quality tool to the job.

Before the CS 50, many users would have the full table saw set up in the workshop and then bring a smaller (and in most instances, inferior) more portable saw to the job. Now, with the CS 50, one saw can fill both roles with the same level of accuracy and versatility you expect from your workshop-based saw.

The CS 50 is a lightweight, clean-cutting table saw that can cut solid timber up to 50mm with complete confidence and finesse. In fact, the CS 50 packs many advantages over a traditional table saw that make it a compelling proposition.

The CS 50 has an amazing cutting path, being able to trim boards up to 300mm wide or up to 200mm at a 45-degree angle. The surrounding V-groove also allows for easy extension table attachment. An added safety feature of the CS 50, particularly when crosscutting is the location of the control switches. Being placed on the multifunction handle you can easily and safely, turn the machine on, adjust the cutting speed, draw the blade through the job and switch off.

Foldable legs, onboard stowage of accessories, lightweight and versatile make the CS 50 supremely portable and ideal for interior fit-outs, furniture assembly, or exhibition prep. Easy to fit in the van or dual-cab, you can take this indispensable tool anywhere all the time and set it up in seconds!

Also featuring a 180-degree swiveling mitre guide, a moving splinter guard to minimize splintering on both sides of the blade, and incredible dust extraction when used in conjunction with a Festool Dust Extractor, thanks to integrated extraction ports. The CS 50 comes complete with a multi-adjustable Mitre Guide that makes angle cutting a breeze. Adjustable to any angle through 180 degrees plus all the usual pre-sets for quick and secure selection. The Mitre Guide can be used fully functionally on either side of the saw blade. 

Other key highlights of the CS 50 include quick and easy, tool-less blade changing, and a host of optional accessories to enhance the cutting experience on the CS 50. Accessories include items from blades and fences to side tables and extension rollers that allow you to customize your CS 50 to suit the job at hand and get that job done in the best possible way! For more information on the CS 50, the full range of accessories, and more videos on how to set up and use this incredible saw please see the Festool Range of Table Saws here.


For a demonstration of all the key features of the CS 50 from our resident tool guru "Macca", check out the video below. and don't forget to visit the Festool TV Youtube channel for a truckload of other great videos on the Festool range of products and their applications

What other users think of the CS 50 PRECISIO

It beats any other table saw / drop saw in one

Light easy to carry around one in two tools. Dropsaw and table saw as one. Looks professional and great in dust free with Vacume. I also got the cs70 for bigger jobs to

Leon Mosello: Greater Melbourne. Vic