Powerful, reliable, quick and cordless

The new Cordless Reciprocating Saw from Festool

A Powerful new addition to the Festool cordless range: The new Cordless Reciprocating Saw RSC 18 is as strong as an ox, quick, precise and extremely robust to boot.

With its brushless EC-TEC motor, switch-activated pendulum stroke and low level of vibrations, the saw can be smoothly guided and is a great help in all conversion or dismantling work.

No matter whether when separating wooden beams and roofing boards, when cutting out window and door frames or roof and wall openings through chipboard, the new Cordless Reciprocating Saw is an all-round sawing talent and an indispensable aid for carpenters, joiners and window fitters.

The powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor provides the power needed for this, while the switch-activated pendulum stroke (0–3 millimetres) ensures the accordingly required work progress. The power of the pendulum stroke is continuously adjusted via an easily reachable switch.

With the activated pendulum stroke, better work progress is achieved for cuts in soft and medium-hard materials due to higher cutting speeds. Whereas thin or hard materials can be processed without an activated pendulum stroke, resulting in fewer splinters from the material. Can also be set at two levels, with the stroke rate adapted to the working material.

  “A positive side effect is faster work progress, as less energy is lost. Clever"

A power tool – lots of clever details
The new Cordless Reciprocating Saw cordless reciprocating saw shines with a phenomenal cutting performance for almost all materials and composite materials. So the sawing powerhouse is extremely easy to regulate. Thanks to the large variable speed trigger, a smooth start-up and perfect control of the stroke rate are no problem at all.

The anti-vibration gearbox makes an essential contribution to perfect handling. This makes up to 40 per cent fewer vibrations possible in practice. The consequence is a noticeably lower load on your arms, tendons and joints, as well as a higher service life for the machine, as less impact energy is acting on the gearbox and bearings. A positive side effect is faster work progress, as less energy is lost. Clever: Thanks to the special chuck, the saw blade is quickly ejected when it needs replacing, and there is no danger of burning your fingers or hand when removing the saw blade.

In addition, the clamped saw blade can be rotated by 180 degrees, so that the teeth are facing upwards. This option allows cuts to be made in certain positions up to the wall, ceiling or floor.


Health and safety when sawing
The issue of occupational safety also played a central role in the development of this machine – as it typically does at Festool. As working with reciprocating saws usually creates a large amount of dust in the surrounding area, Festool has developed a clever solution with the Cordless Reciprocating Saw. This allows a dust extraction device to be connected to an extractor without any problems.

The hose sits securely on the system sleeve and is protected from unintended slipping. The extractor can also be turned on and off automatically with Bluetooth® via the Bluetooth® battery.

Another comfort feature is the integrated LED light, which perfectly illuminates the working area. As the saw table can be set to engage at several levels, variable plunge depths are also possible, and the ideal stress is placed on the saw blade at the same time. In addition, the Cordless Reciprocating Saw, RSC 18 can be securely suspended on the scaffolding holder – a locking switch prevents the machine from being switched on unintentionally.

The new RSC 18 cordless reciprocating saw will be available at authorised dealers from Q4 2023. 

Festool's battery-powered universe: There's more to it than "just" power.

"Battery technology and battery-powered devices are a significant trend on the tools market. We have tailored our strategy to reflect this, and are continuously expanding our portfolio accordingly. We are not just blindly pursuing a strategy of using battery technology just for the sake of it – we want to take a more purposeful approach to ascertain how battery technology might best serve the application in question.

We want to optimise the results so that the products are perfect for their applications, and we want to make work easier, safer and better for tradespeople," says Sascha Menges, CEO of Festool GmbH. This commitment is embodied in exemplary fashion by the new additions to the Festool 18 Volt System. In particular, the new CSC SYS 50 cordless bench-mounted circular saw, the TSC 55 KEB plunge-cut saw, the QUADRIVE TPC 18 cordless impact screwdriver and the ExoActive exoskeleton that will be appearing in the course of 2023.

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Author: Sebastian Stoll

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