New Festool M Class Dust Extractors

We’ve introduced two new dust extractors that are approved for use on M Class dust! 

But firstly, what is M Class dust?  

M Class dust is ‘medium’ hazardous dust (M for medium) and is very fine, meaning smaller particles. It includes dust from hard woods, board materials, some paints, concrete and bricks. It also includes crystalline silica dust found in sand, stone, concrete and mortar, which can cause Silicosis.  

All work with M Class dust requires approved equipment to make sure the health risks are largely reduced. A growing number of union sites now also enforce the use of M Class dust extractors.  

For a dust extractor to be approved as M Class (as opposed to L Class), it basically needs to have a superior filtration setup and a flow sensor / alarm that alerts the user when there’s a blockage or the bag is full. By technical definition, an M Class dust extractor has passed testing that proves it captures no less than 99.9% of dust.  

So, what are the new Festool M Class dust extractors? 

They are:


If you want THE BEST performance, the Festool M Class dust extractors are the go-to. Here’s why; they meet Festool’s famously high quality standards, PLUS they have a few other very useful features.

‘Auto-start’ and ‘delayed shut-off’, which saves you turning two things on at the same and ensures 99.9% of dust is properly and efficiently captured

Automatic filter cleaning that keeps the filter clear and maintains maximum performance while preventing premature motor burn-out

Capability for wet and dry materials, but you need to change or remove the filter and dust bag depending on the material

Coupled with a Festool power tool, which also provides superior performance and efficiency, you can be confident you’ve got the hardest working and safest system available.

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