The value of quick and easy cleaning is that you and your team save time, which ultimately saves money for your business.  

However, sometimes a full-blown dust extractor is overkill and more expensive than what the task at hand really requires.  

That’s where the new CT 15 clean-up vac comes in. Purpose-built to clean thoroughly, it’ll be the go-to for anyone who wants to keep working spaces clear of dust, dirt and water.  


A few of the new vacuum’s strongest features are:  

  • High-power turbine creates super strong suction – no re-vacuuming make cleaning hassle-free for you
  • Designed to use full container capacity – you can work longer before having to change the filter bag
  • Compact dimensions and light weight – you can move it in, out and around any site without breaking a sweat
  • New electronic control panel – easy for you to operate even with gloves on 

And being an entry-level unit, the CT 15 clean-up vac will come with a sharp price too.  


Now, your next question probably is, “When will it be available?”  

At this stage, we anticipate the new CT 15 clean-up vac will be on-sale before the end of March 2020, but stay tuned for further updates. 

If you’ve got any other questions at this stage, feel free to drop us an email.