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Four speeds, pure power, no compromises

Available Feb 2022

Taking drilling and screwdriving to a new dimension: Festool presents two new flagship cordless drills.

These two new drills from Festool are replacing their successful QUADRIVE PDC and DRC 18/4 predecessor versions and will be known as the QUADRIVE TPC and the TDC 18/4. Both of these new products are powerful, versatile and, equipped with four speeds, perfectly capable to take on any application. Featuring built-in sophisticated switching to provide the right torque and speed for any application. 

Tool features

Compact design, low weight and set up quickly using a cleverly designed folding mechanism

✔️ Robust four-speed QUADRIVE metal gearbox
✔️ Extremely powerful, brushless, and long-lasting motor
✔️ Wide range of FastFix & CENTROTEC accessories
✔️ Axial impact function for masonry application
✔️ Precise drilling at 3600 rpm in fourth gear
✔️ FastFix interface for tool free bit change
✔️ Depth stop for depth-limited screwdriving
✔️ Eccentric adapter for screwdriving close to edges
✔️ Perfect ergonomics & easier handling
✔️ For flexible drilling, screwdriving, angular drilling, angular screwdriving and hammer drilling

Gearbox and motor set the benchmark

Compact design, low weight and set up quickly using a cleverly designed folding mechanism

The robust four-speed metal gearbox meets every need and impresses with its enormous power, high speeds and durabilty. It can handle even the greatest of loads without any issues.

It's clever! A fully optimised switching concept allows users to quickly switch in any direction as required. This makes it possible to switch from any gear straight to any other on the new TPC and TDC, without intermediate stages saving time and is a smart addition to the already ergonomic handling.

Fixed stops enable clear engagment when switching so that fast downshifting is possible at any time as required.

And, as you would expect with a Festool drill, user comfort is aided with LED lighting so you always have clear vision of the job, even in poor lighting conditions.

Gearbox and motor set the benchmark

Compact design, low weight and set up quickly using a cleverly designed folding mechanism

The new-generation extremely powerful, brushless and therefore long-lasting EC-TEC motor ensures maximum performance on both cordless drills.

It impresses with even more torque and speed under load and, like all brushless motors from Festool, was developed entirely by Festool and produced in Germany at the company's in-house motor production facilities.

It provides the requisite power when using larger diameter screws and drills while enabling clean easy, accurate and fast progress when working with small drill diameters.

The EC-TEC motor without carbon brushes is wear-free and converts energy from the battery into optimum power with minimal loss.

The digital motor management guarantees maximum service life: Microprocessors monitor and control the temperature, voltage and current consumption of the motor, electronics and battery. Together with the extremely robust metal gearbox, this drill can handle the toughest job with ease. From screwdriving with up to 75 Nm torque in first gear to precise drilling at 3600 rpm in fourth gear, the new TPC impresses with its intelligent use of power and precision. It drills through masonry effortlessly thanks to the axial impact feature that can be switched on (on the TPC only). In second gear, the new powerhouses provide a whole 40% more torque compared to their previous PDC and DRC models, achieving full traction even with 8 mm screws.

 When things get dangerous, the electronic Kickback stop minimises the risk of twisting your wrist if  there is a sudden jam.

Unbeatable duo

The new TPC and the new TDC are both essential aids on construction sites. Regardless of whether you are drilling, driving or sawing, they form an unbeatable duo in all work situations together with the TSC 55, the new Festool Cordless plunge saw, our best plunge-cut saw - made better.

See an overview of these brilliant and innovative new drills in the video below: