Picking the right Festool Drill for your needs can be tough. There are plenty to choose from and they've all got a range of smart features designed for optimum results. But there are some differences between the models so when it comes to having the right tool for the job, it's good to be aware of what they are. 


Here we're looking at the T 18 Drill (a solid staple of the cordless range) vs the PDC 18 Hammer Drill (a monster all-rounder). Each are included in one of the new Impact Driver Kit options, which offer cracking value as a bundle buy and are well worth checking out *wink wink. 


If you're after the short version, watch this first comparison video. However, if you're like us and enjoy 'nerding out' over tools, keep scrolling to find the all-you-can-eat/watch version!


Short version (1.5 mins)


Supersized version (9 mins)