Which is the best saw?

Circular Saw or Plunge Saw?

For many tradies, both the plunge saw and the circular saw are essential cordless tools that have become absolute staples across a wide variety of functions. With that said, when it comes to the difference between circular saws and plunge saws, many people are still unsure what exactly makes them distinct.

At Festool, we are dedicated to providing professionals with the reliable, durable tools they need to do their jobs. So, to help you make sure that you’re getting the right tool for the trade, let’s take a look at plunge saw TSC 55 and circular saws HKC 55 with a more discerning eye and see what makes each unique.

HKC 55 Circular Saw

Cordless Circular Saw HKC 55

✓ This saw covers many applications (Standard hand-held circular saw, cross cutting saw with FSK rails, sheet saw with FS rail and plunge cut saw)
✓ Circular saw are used for cross cutting timbers, ripping beams and framing materials, cutting decking & timber floors
✓ Different blades for different applications
✓ Rougher quality cuts and reasonable dust extraction
✓ Same range of accessories as plunge saw
TSC 55 Plunge Saw

Cordless Plunge Saw TSC 55

✓ Typically plunge saws are used for cutting all types of sheet goods and solid timber products. Plunge cutting, replacing floors, cutting in sinks and vents
✓ TSC 55 has built in variable speed and a system blades for cutting different materials
✓ It gives really good quality cuts and very efficient dust extraction
✓ It’s a good range of accessories to speed up various application. Notably dust bag, side fence, splinter guard, dust cover, guide rails, blue tooth remote & many more.

When making a purchasing decision between the plunge saw vs a circular saw, this comparison video will guide as to where these tools are typically used and for what applications and the strengths of the two saw systems.