Simple aesthetic beauty of the Sun made easy with Domino DF 700

 Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Victor Hugo

The Taiyō (Japanese word for sun) Bed is a reflection of simple aesthetic beauty of the Sun with a touch of modern day furniture making.

With its refined frame, rounded edges, and arching solid, rounded bed head which rises from the base is where a lot of Jeremy Lee’s influence comes from. Jeremy Lee. Woodworker. Furniture maker, from Mullumbimby, NSW, has been creating hand crafted, high-quality custom furniture and lighting for quite some time now.

Jeremy relies on the Festool Domino DF 700 XL joining machine when creating his furniture projects. When individual pieces are completed the bed components slot together easily to allow for the beds slim design, to be flat packed for delivery and to be easily put together by clients in their home.

 The Domino 700 xl is a game changer, teamed with the connector dominos, it simplifies a once difficult and timely processes and makes for a quality and reliable finish guaranteed every time.

Setup and construction are quick and easy using the Domino 700 XL. The domino connectors offer versatility and strength, allowing for quick and reliable construction and a quality finish.

The connector tenons double as the clamping mechanisms which keeps the frame together as well as aligning each piece with its corresponding part.

Jeremy Lee
J.D. Lee Furniture

As a furniture maker of several years Jeremy has a deep appreciation of working dust free, his projects always involve connecting the Domino to the dust extractor leaving the job site with less dust so that he can work on his projects with ease of mind.


JD Lee Furniture

Some of JD Furniture's beautiful items (left). Craftsmanship made possible with the dedication and skill of Jeremy lee and of course, the Festool Domino DF 700xl.


More of Jeremy's work can be found here:



A short clip of the Domino 700XL in action.