STAINERS - reducing packaging material and waste!!!

The Festool Systainer System has been designed precisely for the purpose of safely storing and transporting high-quality power tools and accessories

As a manufacturer of power tools, we are conscious of how we affect the environment. By implementing environmental policy in sustainability management, we have already been able to carry out some effective environmental projects.

Tooltechnic Australia (Festool) is a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). The objective of the Packaging Covenant is to minimise the overall environmental impacts of packaging. We think sustainably! That’s why we supply most devices in a long-life SYSTAINER to reduce the volume of packaging material and waste.

Systainers comes in a variety of styles that work together as a system.  They can come either already configured when purchased with your tool or as an empty box ready to be customized to your task.  The MINI-systainer T-Loc is a smaller version of the systainer T-Loc and they can be nested inside the SYS-II through SYS-V and they are great for small parts and pieces.

The SYS-Combi combines a drawer and a systainer box and the Sortainer T-Loc, or SYS-Sort, is a set of three drawers.  Both are good for multi-part tools, attachments and organizing all your elements.

Other varieties of Systainers include the MIDI-systainer T-Loc, MAXI-systainer, systainer Tool Box and the systainer Storage Box.  All of these help you have the right systainer for the right job.

The Festool Systainer System, designed precisely for the purpose of safely storing and transporting high-quality power tools and accessories

Bruce McKinley
Festool National Training Manager

The extremely robust and impact-resistant tool boxes store all of the tools in a space-saving manner and protect the tools optimally from dust, spray water and extreme temperatures.

The systainers T-Loc has two feet and two cleats on the bottom of each systainer.  These four items interlock with the lid of the systainer below, when in a stack, creating a tight, linked connection.  Spin the T-Loc to the connect position and they will be locked in place.  Spin it to the Open position and you can open a systainer that is mid stack.

When you start working with systainers, you will inevitably mix and match different height units. Here are some helpful stacking units.  If you want more details, be sure to the look at the height measurement of each unit in the catalog or data sheets.

The various compartments and plastic containers inside our Systainers provide a clearly arranged storage space for accessories and consumables. The Systainers' special modular design means that they can be stacked and connected to each other.

The Festool Systainers ensure that everything is perfectly protected and in its proper place, whether at the workshop, during vehicle transport and on the construction site.

Check out our this helpful video:

SYSTAINERS - reducing packaging material and waste