Faster, firmer and more efficient

To achieve the right cut on the materials you are working with, you not only need the right saw but also, the right blade. It is critically important to choose the right blade according to your needs. What is the job you are working on? What sort of blade will give me the best results? How to choose the right blade? Need to know? Read on...

What's new on the new saw blades?

A new saw blade geometry, combined with new teeth shapes and optimised carbide saw teeth, offers significant advantages when working on a varity of materials.

Festool has reduced the cutting width of the new circular saw blades from 2.2 mm to 1.8 mm, compared with the previous generation.

The new saw blades can saw significantly faster needing less application pressure resulting in an easier, cleaner cut with less effort!

To compliment the market launch of the new TSC 55 K plunge-cut saws, Festool is introducing a new generation of circular saw blades for all standard applications and materials.

Combined with the new plunge-cut saws, the new saw blades offer users multiple benefits, ensuring optimal machining in wood, metal, laminates, plastics and abrasive material.

 We have developed the new circular saw blades together with the plunge-cut saws, and they are ideally adapted to requirements. This is the key element that makes this unique performance possible when sawing

Michael Arnold
Product Manager at Festool GmbH

Colour coding for easy identification of saw blades

Plunge-cut saws and pendulum cover saws can machine a wide range of materials Festool therefore provides six different saw blades with a new design and colour coding for all standard applications and materials.

The new blades have differing profiles and number of teeth which means each blade exhibits different cutting properties so which is best for your apllcation? All the new blades are clearly lbelled and color-coded to make selectoion a simple and straightforward process.

  • YELLOW for ideal results for cross-cuts in solid wood
  • RED ideal for laminate, HPL and melamine-resin-bonded panels (e.g. Trespa®)
  • BLUE with flat teeth and a variable chamfer, less effort is required from the saw for safe guiding and the machine does not jam
  • GREEN the four saw teeth on this special saw blade are edged with polycrystalline diamond especially for abrasive materials.

The correct saw blade for every application

The new circular saw blades are made of special carbide.

The geometry of the saw blades and configuration of the carbide or diamond saw teeth are optimally adapted for the applications and materials.

For further information on our new 160mm saw blades see our detailed guide at here.


Take a look at the features of the new saw blades for the TSC 55K