MXC Battery Charger

Efficient battery charging

for CXS/TXS Cordless Drill batteries

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ETA: 14-05-2024
Battery charger for use with Festool's range of CXS Cordless Drills. Safe and efficient, the MXC features intelligent monitoring electronics that protect the charging battery from being overcharged or charged in hazardous conditions. MXC can quick charge a battery in approximately 20 minutes and provide a full charge in approximately 30 minutes.
36 month warranty

Did you know all Festool batteries and chargers come backed by a 36 month warranty under Service all-inclusive? Giving you peace of mind your cordless system will perform reliably.

Tech Specs
Weight (kg)
0.6 kg
Charging Current ie. 6 A
2.8 A
Input Voltage ie. 220V - 240V
MXC 2.8 Ah Battery Charger
Battery sold separately
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