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MX 1600 DUO 2 Gear Stirrer for up to 90l with Double Rods

MX 1600/2 EQ DUO-Set HS 3 DUO
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DUO stirrer: Faster, lighter, more intensive

The MX 1600/2 EQ DUO features two counter rotating spindles that mesh together to accelerate the mixing rate of materials and increase productivity. The DUO reduces the time required for stirring by up to 50% when compared to single spindle stirrers. As the two rods reciprocally eliminate the torque generated under a working load, the operator can hold the stirrer with almost no reaction torque, even with extremely viscous or viscid materials. The 1,500 W motor generates constant rotary force and withstands periods of long continuous use. Festool's FastFix rod replacement system allows for rapid, tool free rod changes.

Main Applications

  • HS3 Double Rod - mixing highly viscous materials
  • HS3 Combi Rod - mixing fluid and viscous materials

Product Details

High performance drive

High performance motors with power electronics ensure constant performance when mixing. Coil temperature monitor protects against motor damage in the event of an overload.


Increased productivity

When compared to single spindle stirrers, the DUO reduces the time required for mixing by up to 50%. There is also virtually no reaction torque for easier use.


Mix with extra intensity

The spirals of the DUO stirrer rods mesh precisely with on another and whisk the material thoroughly. Multi component and viscous materials can be mixed with extra intensity and homogeneity.


Lightning speed changes

The FastFix quick change system allows you to remove the stirring rod without tools, changing rods more quickly when processing different materials without the annoying search for spanners.


Technical Data

Tool Weight (kg)
7.9 kg
Tool Holder ie. Centrotec
No Load Speed 1st Gear (rpm)
100 rpm - 250 rpm
No Load Speed 2nd Gear (rpm)
130 rpm - 350 rpm
Collar Diameter (mm)
57 mm
Power Lead Type
Fixed Lead
Power Source
Power Consumption (W or kW)
1,500 W
Motor Type
Max. Mixer Container/ Paddle Diameter (mm)
140 mm
Mixing Volume (litres)
90 litres
Mixing Direction (left or right)
Counter Rotating Spindles
Makes changing accessories or consumables for routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.
MMC Digital Electronics
Processor controlled "Multi Material Control" power electronics provide adjustable and constant speeds as well as temperature monitoring for work on all types of material.
Removable, replaceable power cable with safety lock for fast switchover.


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Can two stirring rods be used on a MX 1000 at the same time?
No, the MX 1000 stirrer can only accept one stirrer at a time. The MX 1600 Stirrer can be used wit