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Have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for quick answers to common inquiries. Search our FAQ library for solutions, tips and in-depth knowledge on your tool, how to organise a repair or information on warranties or what spare part goes with what tool!


18V Cordless

Learn more about our extensive range of cordless tools, including accessories, applications, compatibility information, and maintenance tips. Find out more about our extensive and highly regarded range of 18V cordless tools ranging from Cordless Drills to Cordless Reciprocating Saws. Built to last, highly durable and revolotionary in design and innovation.



The Festool Painters Hub is full of valuable information on how to use Festool tools and accessories to help you acheive a perfect finish as well as effortless and exacting surface preparation before you lift a brush!


Dust Safety

It is absolutely vital for users of any tool to remember that dust safety is paramount in the workplace. 'Protect your health. Protect your lungs' is a key message from Festool. The Dust Safety page expains why it is so important, what you can do in the workplace to protect yourself and what specific tools can acheive the optimum dust-free environment for you and your workers.



Read articles from user reviews on our tools and see what is happening regarding new tool releases soon. We have a huge range of resources, stories, tips and tricks and news!


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