Light up your work: for perfect walls and ceilings​

  • Eccentric sanding motion for perfect surface quality with no groves
  • LED light illumination for revealing unevenness on the surface during sanding
  • Large, flexible head and variable suction for fatigue-free working

PLANEX 2 with M Class Dust Extractor Set

For perfect walls and ceilings​ and dust-free working

  • Dust-free working thanks to premium dust extraction
  • 36L container capacity is perfectly designed for the extreme material removal rates of the PLANEX 2
  • Perfect for plaster and fine dust extraction, wet and dry extraction
  • With a kink-resistant hose, and ComfortClean closing slide fitted as standard for even more effective filter cleaning

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The 6 reasons to love the PLANEX 2

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Planex the perfect wall sander for painters

As a painter and decorator I brought the planex to sand down my ceilings and walls its amazing for repaints and new work removing all imperfections it glides over like a hovercraft making light work of it it also keys in the surfaces to prepare it for new coats to adhere to best thing is the dust extraction no dust through client's home which I find is a winner and the days of the old pole sander for me are gone.

Chris Warr (IG: aesthetics_painting)


This is perfect. Amazingly light, and fantastic performance. It is so simple and easy to operate. I am very happy with this terrific product. The service and advice from Festool is always superb.

Wright Jim

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The PLANEX 2 has a max. length of 1.65 m. Based on your height, ceilings up to more than 3.5 m should be comfortable to sand. The PLANEX Easy is 1.6 m long and ceilings up to 3.5 m should be comfortable to sand.

We recommend an M class dust extractor for plaster and lead based paint with AutoClean filter function. For more information check out our Dust Extraction brochure.

The PLANEX 2 is perfect for plaster work & painting application (sanding walls and ceilings, processing dry wall filler, plaster & dispersion filler).

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