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5th January, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

The new SYS - Combi Systainer and SYS 4 TL-SORT/3 Sortainer - time saving organisation systems

For workshops, workplace organisation is at least as important as precise power tools, because it offers  almost limitless potential. This is why Festool is continuously developing its organisation and transport system and has expanded it with two new products, available from January 2016, to keep everything from tools to small parts organised neatly.
Good workplace organisation saves time and cuts down on unnecessary movements and effort
It is only possible to plan and work in an organised and structured way if everything is in its place and easily accessible. To help ensure an optimum and mobile workplace arrangement, Festool offers a comprehensive range of organisation and transport systems with many options: The MFT multifunction table, the WCR Workcenter, the VAC SYS vacuum clamping system and a wide variety of Systainers, Sortainers and more. Whether in the workshop, during assembly or on the building site – all work equipment should be perfectly packed and easy to transport.
NEW: The SYS-Combi 2 and SYS-Combi 3 Systainers
With these two new SYS-Combi products, the premium Festool brand has combined its traditional Systainer with a drawer for consumables and small parts. These products, available from January 2016, are the perfect combination of Systainer and Sortainer, providing even better organisation – even on the move. The drawer can be divided flexibly for accessories, consumables, small parts and other objects. This ensures excellent organisation, saves time and cuts down on unnecessary movements, trips and effort.
NEW: The Combi
With its three drawers, each with a storage capacity of 6.7 litres, the new Sortainer provides space for storing accessories, consumables and small parts in an organised way. These drawers can be further divided to suit individual needs using the plastic containers available to purchase separately. In addition, each drawer has a space for labels, business cards or stickers.
The perfect system
With these new products, Festool is living up to its motto – “Because things work better when everything fits together” – and gives tradespeople a professional appearance in front of their customers. Festool has developed its organisation system to allow it to be arranged to suit the needs of each trade and to enable each part to be combined and connected together: The Systainer with T-LOC and the Systainer Classic, the Sortainer, the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor and the SYS-Cart roll board or the SYS-Roll Systainer transporter.

The new SYS-Combi Systainer and the new SYS 4 TL-SORT/3 Sortainer are available at retailers from January 2016.


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