Work faster & safer with new cordless grinders

5th January, 2020

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

Adding to Festool’s growing cordless platform, the new angle grinder and masonry cutter can help tradies get the job done faster and safer. Both feature a sealed brushless motor for enduring performance, decoupled motor and housing for low vibration, relentless 18 V cordless power and Bluetooth compatibility.

Let's take a closer look at each.


AGC 18 Cordless Angle Grinder


The angle grinder is a robust solution for cutting and grinding. It has adjustable speed, smooth start-up and a motor brake for safety. Works at a speed of 4500 to 8500 rpm.

Here Bruce shows you the tool in action:

For the cordless angle grinder, there are two options available to buy:

AGC 18 Set $860 - click here
AGC 18 Skin $499 - click here


Try one out for free by booking a Festool demo.

DSC AGC 18 Cordless Masonry Cutter


The masonry cutter gives you pure accuracy while being healthy and efficient. It extracts up to 95% of the dust and works perfectly with a Festool dust extractor. You get a clear view of the cutting area so you can be precise, and the dust cover can be lifted back allowing you to cut right up to the edge.

Watch again as Bruce shows you the tool in action. 

In terms of getting your hands on the cordless masonry cutter, there are two options available to buy:

DSC-AGC 18 Set $999 - click here

DSC-AGC 18 Skin $650 - click here 

Try one out for free by booking a Festool demo.



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