Woodworking greatly improved from using Festool

29th April, 2015

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Matthew Gorringe loves how Festool improves the end result of his work

5 years ago Matthew Gorringe experienced Festool for the first time – in using a sander. He was captivated right away and proceeded to replace his collection of power tools. Nowadays, Festool products are his main source of tools for production. He really enjoys the workflow from one systainer to the next, as it helps him to produce predicable, excellent results the first time with no rework required. With Festool, Matthew says his ‘output has increased’.

Matthew Gorringe is a qualified Fine Furniture maker, having completed his apprenticeship in Tasmania in 1992 with the world renowned Pipers Truline. It was during his time at Pipers that he acquired a philosophy of uncompromising quality and the highest standard of excellence, which he maintains to this day. In his final year, he even won the accolade of apprentice of the year.

Later on he went on to study Art and Design, majoring in Photography. There, he was awarded with an outstanding distinction certificate and continued his studies completing a Masters.

He says about himself that his love of Tasmanian timbers has never come to an end and whenever he gets the chance to visit his parents who still live in the town in Tasmania where he grew up, he still enjoys hunting out superb sustainably sourced timbers and veneers with his father.

As Matthew is an independent designer and maker of high quality timber furniture he primarily uses sought after select Tasmanian timbers and veneers.

His passion to create beautiful pieces of furniture can be appreciated for both their design and rich character of the timbers used. These pieces are often one off designs or part of a limited series. Further, he likes to create timber sculptures showcasing the essence of the timber in an abstract form.

Matthew’s art has been exhibited in Australia and overseas.
As he is working in a small space that is connected to the house, dust control is crucial in his environment. His experience with FESTOOL dust extraction has been excellent and he loves the fact that there is almost no dust released into the air when sanding.

When being asked how Festool power tools differ from those of competitors, Matthew explains that from the moment you pick up a Festool product you can feel the quality and additionally the end results are just a lot better than with the tools he has used before.

For Matthew facing restricted time, he enjoys saving time from start to finish when working with FESTOOL tools. He appreciates how everything packs away into a systainer, making it easy for him to keep his working environment tidy.

The list of Matthew’s Festool tools is long:
Cordless drills
CXS and C 12 Li
Circular Saw TS 55 R
Kapex KS 120
OF 1400
Domino DF 500
Rotex RO 150
ETS 150/5
ETS 150/3
DTS 400
Dust Extraction
Cleantex CT 26
Boom arm
Workcenter WCR 1000
Other items
Selection of guide rails
MFS 400
Ratchet Set
Accessories set FS-SYS/2
Rotex polishing accessories
Cleaning set

Even though he already owns a wide range of FESTOOL tools, he stills has a couple more on his wish list, such as a jigsaw or a planer.

Putting it all in a nutshell, Matthew simply states: “I love using Festool products, I believe my woodworking has greatly improved using them.”


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