Wood joining - Simple, quick, stable and detachable

9th August, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

The new DOMINO corner and flat connectors from Festool

With the development of the DOMINO system, Festool has combined all of the benefits of conventional wooden joins in a single system. The DOMINO system has proven its value in carpentry and joinery applications, and Festool, the German manufacturer, has been constantly developing it as a result. From August 2016, new, detachable corner and flat connectors will be available for the DOMINO XL joining machine. These connectors provide maximum precision, flexibility and stability for frame, rack and surface joins.

Not flat – not round – just DOMINO

The Festool DOMINO wood joining system provides carpenters and joiners with the ability to create stable wooden joins with handheld power tools – with ease, speed and precision. The DOMINO system combines all the advantages of existing systems into one: The undisputed stability of mortise and tenon joins together with the flexibility of biscuit dowels used in furniture manufacture and the precision of round dowels used in frame and rack assembly. The key to the DOMINO wood joining system is the patented pendulum routing principle. Here, the jointer moves the cutter in a simultaneous rotary and pendulum motion to manufacture an elongated hole perfect for inserting the specially shaped DOMINO. Different cutting widths enable the user to join and glue the dowels with ease. The routed holes can be created to either fit exactly or be slightly wider in order to provide play. The special cross section and large gluing area of the DOMINO dowels perfectly combine all of the benefits of round and biscuit dowels to create an extremely solid, twist proof wooden joint. Only a single dowel is needed to provide stability and prevent the joint from twisting.

Speed, stability and flexibility with the new connectors for Domino XL

Festool’s new DOMINO corner and flat connectors represent an interesting development of its DOMINO system. These connectors enable ideal wooden joins for frames, racks or boards to be produced quickly and easily while ensuring that they are stable and detachable. These new connectors can be processed in exactly the same way as the DOMINO dowels – with no time wasted on measurements or complicated markings – using only the stop system. All that needs to be done is to route an additional hole. The combination of dowel and tensioning element provides a powerful connection that can be flexibly detached if required. Festool is now offering its new corner connectors for frame and rack joins and flat connectors for board joins at material thicknesses of 30 millimetres and above. These can be produced using the DOMINO XL DF 700 joining machine – without using any templates or other devices.

DOMINO XL is transported to the workpiece, not the other way round

While previously, creating stable wooden connections was solely the domain of stationary machines such as slot drilling machines or dowel drilling machines, the DOMINO XL demonstrates that this is also possible using handheld power tools with its ability to process corner and flat connectors. Workpieces no longer have to be transported to the stationary machine and clamped in position for processing, because the DOMINO XL can process the workpiece in situ. Significantly shorter set up times and a much quicker overall machining process provide time savings of up to 50% compared to other manufacturing methods currently employed in trade work.

DOMINO as part of a system

Festool offers a wide range of accessories to go with the DOMINO system, such as a variety of stops. All parts of the system are compatible, and it increases the range of applications and the processing reliability – for any workpieces, thin or thick. All of the benefits of the Service all-inclusive service package also apply to the DOMINO system.


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