Victoria bans uncontrolled dry cutting of engineered stone

28th August, 2019

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

Worksafe Victoria has issued new regulations banning all uncontrolled dry cutting of engineered stone. Workers can no longer cut, grind or polish engineered stone with power tools without dust extraction or on-tool water suppression and full respiratory protection.

Read Worksafe Victoria's media release here.

When it comes to materials containing crystalline silica, engineered stone has some of the highest levels of the hazardous substance. Exposure to silica can lead to serious health issues when inhaled, resulting in things like silicosis, emphysema, lung cancer and more.

While rules for working with silica can be complex, we welcome clear regulations such as these that help understanding and ensure workers are kept safer.

Festool has a strong focus on safety and product quality, especially regarding crystalline silica. We recently conducted independent testing with an Occupational Hygiene firm to ensure our systems comprehensively protect our customers from silica exposure. The results were undeniably positive with non-detectable levels of crystalline silica in most scenarios. Download the report below or visit our Dust Safety page to learn more.



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