Using Festool to install Museum exhibitions

30th October, 2013

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Museum exhibitions, cabinet making and home renovations

Senior Exhibition Designer Peter Wilson works for Museum Victoria. Check out his latest project:  the major permanent exhibition First Peoples at Melbourne Museum.

‘First Peoples’ is the largest exhibition ever (1245 sqm) to focus on the culture and stories of Victorian Aboriginal people. Peter worked as Lead Designer on this project and gave his Festool products a workout assisting him in construction, installation and commissioning.

“In this exhibition we’ve tried to hide the technology beneath natural materials, a good example is the Language Map.  This is a giant map of South Eastern Australia routered from beautiful solid spotted gum which calls out to the visitor when touched identifying the huge diversity of Koorie Languages across Victoria.”

Peter not only uses his Festool tools at work for interactive exhibits and exhibition installations, but also at home for general cabinet making and home renovations. He appreciates the products for their reliable accuracy, rapid setup and clean, quiet and comfortable efficiency. “I can easily jump between fiddly work on small plastic parts for interactive displays to ripping solid timber with the same tools with minimum setup and change over time or effort.“

Further reasons why Peter chooses Festool at work are faster set up times to achieve high levels of repeatable accuracy, the superior, practical design and ergonomics as well as the fact that they work together as an integrated system. “The first cut accuracy of the tools is a massive time saver minimising production, reworking and finishing times and time = money.”

Peter can be contacted for enquiries on [email protected]


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