TS Plunge Cut saw vs HK Circular Saw

31st May, 2017

Author: Festool Marketing Team

What saw do I need ?

Festool plunge-cut and circular saws set the highest standards in precision, control and safety. Features such as intelligent electronics to control start-up speed and maintain speed under load ensure high quality results, as does the splinter free, guide rail and extraction system compatible with the tools. But which one is right for you?

TS Plunge Cut Saw – Sheet Products

Ideal for cabinetry & fit out trades – The clever plunge cutting specialist provides quality, splinter free cuts suitable for a wide range of building materials with the switch of a blade. Festool plunge saws are the quicker way for a cleaner cut.

HK Circular Saws – Cutting All-rounder

Perfect for building and construction trades – Lightweight circular saw is perfect for fast ripping and trimming, cross-cutting rafters and beams with the unique FSK rail plus the added functionality of plunge cuts. No longer do you need to take the work piece to the tool, now you can take the tool to the work piece.


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