Tradies National Health Month

1st July, 2019

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

Festool Australia’s new campaign has just launched and includes a partnership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) in support of Tradies National Health Month.
Tradies National Health Month, which runs throughout August each year, focuses on the health of Australian tradies and aims to provide them with the right resources, education and preventive health tips to ensure they stay healthy on the job. Statistics from Safe Work Australia show that  3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve tradies, even though they make up just 30% of the workforce.  
From July to September 2019, Festool is offering $50 and $100 vouchers on a selection of tools that are designed to help keep users healthy and safe using design factors that enhance ergonomics, reduce strain, avoid awkward and risky movements, and of course, eliminate dust at the source.
The combined APA and Festool campaign promotes the importance of looking after your body and using the best equipment so you avoid injury, down-time and loss of income.
Visit the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s website to find out how you can get involved in TNHM.
For more information on our promotion, have a read of our Promotion overview article



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