Thoughtfully designed furniture

22nd September, 2016

Author: Nathan Day of Nathan Day Design

Nathan Day and his team at Nathan Day Design supply Australia with thoughtfully designed furniture made from sustainably harvested timbers.

Nathan takes pride in his craftsmanship and has equipped his workshop, located at a winery in the picturesque coastal town of Dunsborough in Western Australia, with several Festool products to improve the quality and efficiency of his team’s work.

Before he started his business in 2010, he did a four year apprenticeship in the south west of Western Australia followed by an overseas scholarship in order to train abroad. After Nathan spent 12 months as a trainee at the Edward Barnsley workshop in the UK, it took him four years to moving out of his parents garage to a larger space while employing a couple of craftsmen. Nathan could see the potential  to sell to a broader market by selling designed products through a couple of key retail outlets instead of galleries and consignment work, business has been building nicely ever since. As a result, offices, libraries, universities, hospitals, architectural firms, interior designer and private clients belong to the company’s main sales territories.

From the very beginning of his career, Nathan was involved with using Festool power tools what he describes as “testament of its quality”. During his internship with the Edward Barnsley workshop he came across the Domino for the first time and bought one as soon as he got back to Australia. This is the same one he is still using today. When starting the business, two ETS 150/3 sanders and a OF 1400 router were among the first pieces of equipment Nathan bought and are now his workshop favourites. After being introduced to Festool’s sanders as an apprentice, he came to rely on their “beautiful balance and low vibration”, allowing him to work with minimal fatigue while achieving a superior finish.

Ever since, Nathan has expanded his Festool range with a TS55 track saw, helping him to turn dimensioning timber or breaking down large panels into a “one-man operation”, and a Domino DF500, which enabled him to produce mortises of varying sizes, thereby unlocking “a world of design possibilities”. In addition, Nathan owns several accessories for his tools and a CT MIDI dust extractor, which he is thinking about upgrading as his growing business now requires a higher capacity extractor.

Being used on all tools, his dust extractor has become a central piece of equipment in ensuring perfect results on Nathan’s furniture. “The saw cuts cleaner, the router cuts better, the sander sands finer and we can be more accurate without dust and shavings obscuring our view of the work.” However, a powerful dust extraction is just one of the reasons why Nathan is convinced that Festool power tools “are in another league” compared to other brands.

Above all, they are saving him a lot of time and money. Before buying the TS55, Nathan’s team had to use a circular saw, a router, and a straight edge to dimension table tops and clean the rough cuts. “The track saw cuts this process down from 1hr to 15mins.” Similarly, the Domino is used on almost all furniture pieces, both for key structural joinery and simple location points, and even to pull down solid timber table tops. Sometimes, Nathan’s team even uses the Domino machine upside down for jointing into the ends of short components. “1 tool takes the place of a series of expensive tools and machinery.”

Due to this versatility, together with the tools’ accuracy and thoughtful design, Nathan says that he and his team “thoroughly enjoy owning and using all our Festool products.” Furthermore, he trusts in Festool’s products because of their longevity. Most of the tools have exceeded their warranty period by many years and are still in perfect working order. Consequently, Nathan would recommend anyone working with wood – from furniture makers, over cabinetmakers, woodworkers, and students just learning the trade – to invest in superior power tools and experience “the joys of Festool”.


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