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23rd May, 2014

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Contemporary furniture design

Philipp Rinkens is a German furniture designer and maker based in Perth, Western Australia. He specialises in contemporary furniture design and also works as a cabinet maker for architects or designs kitchens himself. When contracting Philipp, customers get the design, build and installation all out of one hand.

Having grown up in Germany, Philipp was already familiar with the brand Festool. Thus, it was natural for him to buy into the Festool system which he sees as a big advantage towards competitors. “Everything fits together and the workflow is uninterrupted and intuitive. On the worksite I always feel like I have my whole workshop with me. The systainers are perfect for organising the tools and keeping them tidy with all necessary bits and pieces. So when I see my tool boxes, I know I can rely on them being ready for use at any time and there is no need to check if I have everything with me.”

Philipp uses the Festool products for a variety of applications in his job as a designer and cabinet maker. “I find myself using my tools every day from work with solid timber; to panel products or finishing of spray painted surfaces. I greatly appreciate the high level of accuracy and reliability of the tools. Some of my tools clock more then 10 years.”

A clean and healthy environment is for him and his clients very important and he sees the dust extractor as an essential part of the Festool range. “The dust extractor is certainly the essential part where all tools hook onto and I very rarely use a tool without the vacuum cleaner attached. Having a clean workshop and environment means for me work is less tiring and healthier. For the clients it means they can trust me to leave their house the way I found it. Most of my clients make positive comments about the cleanliness of my workmanship.”

Philipp is passionate about the tools he owns and recommends: “Always buy the tool you like the most. I can say with no doubt, I love my Festool tools. They make work faster, easier and also more fun!”


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