The new EHL 65 Planer

15th November, 2013

Author: Festool Marketing Team

EHL 65 Planer - ergonomic, compact, quick and precise

Weighing only 2.4 kg with a compact design, it was already the lowest and most lightweight one handed planer in its class but also the most powerful. The adjustable 4 mm planing depth and rebate depth of 23 mm utilises the spiral blade design to produce an outstanding surface finish.

However we have further optimised, improved and enhanced the ergonomics of the machine.
  • A softgrip on the handle for comfort on the depth adjustment, single button operation and ergonomic ribs on the housing for a secure hold. The planer can now be guided even more effortlessly both horizontally and vertically, with either both hands or just the right or left.
  • Plug-it connection instead of fixed cable, compatible with all other assembly machines such as plunge-cut saws and jigsaws as a result.
  • Single-button operation for significantly improved machine guidance, in particular when guiding the machine from the side.
  • Orientation aid: the “backpack” on the top of the planer is the same width as the planer blade. The 65 mm planing width has been adapted perfectly to all typical assembly applications.


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