The ETS EC 150 Random Orbital Sander

30th June, 2015

Author: Australian Woodworker

Compact Festool Sander

Festool has introduced the ETS EC 150 random orbit sander, designed to be compact, ergonomic, safe and comfortable.

Its compact shape is particularly noticeable when sanding smaller areas, edges or narrow strips. Equipped with Festool’s high performance EC-TEC 400W motor technology, the one-handed sander is smaller, lighter (1.2kg) and more compact than sanders with carbon brushes. The light weight is an advantage when sanding vertical surfaces or working overhead by hand.

The ETC EC 150 is available in two models and with different pads to suit various applications. For example, the ETS EC 150/3 with a 3mm sanding stroke, combined with super soft sanding pad, will achieve an ultra-fine surface finish. On the other hand, the ETC EC 150/5 with a 5mm sanding stroke, combined with a soft sanding pad, is ideal for light sanding or for intermediate sanding of clear coats.

To optimise the smooth operation and minimise vibration, the ETC EC is balanced and is also fitted with the FUSION-TEC sanding pad. If the vibration level becomes too high during an application, the Vibration Control System will actively intervene to reduce the speed of the tool. This protects the user and the work material.
Another safety feature is the extractor signal fitted to the sander. If the extractor signal is switched on, the ETC EC only starts when the suction hose and mobile dust extractor are connected. This extractor signal can be manually activated and deactivated on the device as required.

The sanding pad brake is made from robust carbide and prevents uncontrolled startup of the sanding pad from an idle state. This enables scratch free positioning and quick set-down of the tool.

Sold separately, there is a new suction house developed by Festool which is ideal for use with the ETC EC 150. It has a robust protective covering that covers the suction hose and allows it to glide over surfaces and edges without causing any damage. In addition to protecting surfaces, the smooth design also significantly improves handling. The hose is anti-static and protects the integrated Plug-It cable against damage.

Like all Festool products, the ETC EC 150 is designed as a complete system rather than a stand alone power tools. Festool has a full range of compatible accessories, as well as customised abrasives, for optimizing the performance of this onehanded random orbital sander.


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