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26th June, 2015

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Performance with the highest quality and precision

Before immigrating to Australia about 10 years ago, the majority of Duncan’s power tools were a mixture of Bosch, Makita, Hitachi and Dewalt. He started working part-time at Carba-Tec tools for wood in Adelaide, where he was introduced to Festool power tools. “I was so impressed that I have gradually been changing my tools over to Festool”, he tells proudly.

Duncan divides his time between helping out at Carba –Tec and working at his own workshop. There, he works as a furniture designer / maker of fine furniture and timber structures as well as a carpenter, specialising in the use of solid timbers. As a furniture maker, he designs and makes unique and contemporary, high quality, handcrafted furniture and functional objects. Further, he designs and builds timber structures and house frames, while using both contemporary and traditional carpentry methods, such as structural post and beam timber frames.

Duncan is very passionate and ambitious about his work. He strives for the highest quality and attention to detail with the overall aim to create what will last a lifetime “and hopefully even longer”.

The Festool Difference

So why did Duncan make the switch to Festool tools after using competitor products for many years? He states that his philosophy about longevity is in unison with Festool tools. Using quality tools such as Festool, he knows he can rely on them to perform with the highest precision and accuracy. This not only makes the tools a joy to use, but it also puts Duncan’s mind at rest allowing him to concentrate on the job in hand.

Duncan finds it easy to point out the differences that Festool tools can make; no longer would he use a traditional biscuit jointer as the DF 500 Domino Joiner does all the biscuit jointer would do and more. He replaced his existing mitre saw with the Kapex KS 120 as he does not have to worry about its precision as it performs perfectly every time. The added depth of cut function also allows him the ability to cut deeper timbers such as cornices, which was not so easy with his previous mitre saw. The light weight and strong power of the T15+3 convinced Duncan to use it rather than other cordless drills he has used in the past. Breaking down sheet materials both in the workshop and outside has become so much easier thanks to his TS55 Plunge Saw. Duncan is impressed by the ease of use, how he can measure and mark where he wants to cut a straight line with just a start and end point, then simply placing the rail on these points, setting the saw to correct cutting depth and simply cut. The saw he used before came without a guide rail system, which made cutting to a line very difficult, time consuming and less accurate. Additionally, Duncan replaced his sander for an ETS 150 as he experienced that it is far more efficient at removing dust from the work piece with its multi-jet stream extraction system.

The System

The whole Festool system has fascinated Duncan and he even admits that he has become a little addicted, “once you purchase and test one tool it is hard not to want more”. He enjoys that all the Festool power tools pack in their systainers. With them all linked together, it is easy for him to pack away, store and transport, than having all sorts of different, odd shaped boxes. Another one of Duncan’s favourite aspects about Festool tools is the ease to link them up to the dust extractors, making the tools a lot more dust free and enjoyable to use than other power tools he has used before which had different sized dust ports which would require different hose adaptors.

Speaking about dust extraction, Duncan tells that without dust extraction to the power tools his workshop would be a health hazard with all the dust the tools create. He uses a Festool CT36 E in conjunction with all his power tools. “The beauty of the Festool power tools is that I only need one lead which not only saves time, but also means there are less power leads to get in the way and cause potential hazards and stress”, he explains. The built in speed control allows him to regulate the amount of suction which is for him especially useful when sanding smaller components. Duncan also pointed out, that he enjoys having a portable vacuum as he can take it to site when fitting furniture and kitchens. To him, it is essential keeping the work area and customer’s property and belongings dust free but also work in a dust free place for health and state of mind.

The Festool Service Experience

In the last couple of years, Duncan has had an excellent experience with Festool. If tools need to be repaired, he has experienced that after sales care is very quick. Getting his tool to Festool was made easy by being able to drop the tool at any local participating Festool supplier. Also, talking directly with knowledgeable support people both at Festool and the suppliers about any technical or application issue was always easy.

Duncan would definitely recommend Festool tools to other trade professionals and keen amateurs, as he himself has tried and tested them and knows how well they perform.

For the future, Duncan will continue with the design and manufacture of high quality furniture and timber structures in his workshop. With regards to this, he admitted “Soon I would like to change my Makita router for a Festool OF-1400 router, as it is a lot lighter and has more precise micro adjustment. Plus it connects so easy to my dust extractor.”


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