The Best Type of Sander to Buy & Why

19th September, 2018

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

Video Transcript

The different sanders on the market offer different applications. We've got a traditional random orbital sander that people would use for either intermediate sanding or fine sanding. We have three sanders, the Rotex in 150ml, 125ml and a 90ml. This allows you to choose what sander you would use for the applications you need.

If are we are working on narrow material or tighter areas, we can use an RO on which we can also put a triangular delta sander, so it adds a fourth application. The 125ml is for more confined spaces, maybe under stairs where we are trying to run along treads and risers. The 150, the larger size, is going to cover applications for tables etc.

All these Rotex sanders have got a similar system as far as the interface pads. You also have different types of pads to adapt to different applications. Learning about these things should help you know which type of sander to buy.

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