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9th August, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Festool - recognised by the timber industry for its quality

For many decades, Festool has been recognised by the timber construction industry for its quality, its innovative ideas and its keen eye for detailed solutions. Festool is consistently able to provide system solutions for working with timber, particularly for sawing, drilling and screw driving applications, that improve efficiency and working comfort and create a better, cleaner working environment. Its unique SERVICE all-inclusive package provides long-term assurance that customers have made the correct investment decision.

Built on tradition and motivation for the future

“For Festool, tradition and innovation are two sides of the same coin,” explains Barbara Austel, Festool Company Partner. “For more than 90 years, we have proven to our customers in trade that tradition and innovative strength are not mutually exclusive, but instead complement each other perfectly. My grandfather – the founder of the company – focussed on timber construction from the start, as we designed our first carpentry saw in 1930 and then followed it with several stationary woodworking machines. From 1950 onwards, our primary interest has been in hand-held devices. We developed many ideas over the following decades. Around the turn of the millennium, our focus on timber construction was transferred over to our sister brand Protool, but then in 2013/2014 we combined all of our resources and expertise under the Festool brand. Our goal is to continue to work closely alongside the timber construction industry to develop professional solutions for the future,” Ms Austel explains, before continuing, “which is why, in order to concentrate more strongly on this in future, we will be investing in professionals from the carpentry sector for roles in product management, in application technology, in our training department and at the distribution level.”

Keeping our finger on the pulse

The timber construction trade is also constantly developing and modernising. Industrialisation is coming into play in creating roof structures and in timber frame construction, for example. More and more workers are concentrating on the assembly of these structures, as well as on patio decks, carports and pergolas. In addition, sustainability is becoming increasingly important, as seen in thermal insulation and rafter insulation processing, for example. It is likewise becoming important to maintain a healthy work environment in the timber construction industry – this is accomplished using dust extraction. Festool is the only manufacturer in the sector to produce its own mobile dust extractor, and offers a comprehensive range for this purpose. Thanks to its industry and technology expertise in timber construction, Festool is constantly aware of these changes, enabling the company to continuously develop tools to keep pace with them in terms of their durability, robustness, reliability, precision, ergonomics and design. More than 350 patents so far testify to this innovative strength. A recent example of this is the new compound mitre system and the generation of new circular saws it has created.

Tailor made for timber construction

Festool offers a comprehensive system range of products specifically designed for the timber construction industry. In particular, Festool offers saws that enable powerful and efficient cutting – whether at floor level or at a height of 12 meters – with a range of different saw types such as the new circular saws or plunge-cut saws and jigsaws. The compound mitre or guide rail system ensures impressive performance, efficiency and precision with every cut. This is possible thanks to powerful, reliable motors or high-performance battery packs – packaged in an ergonomic, lightweight and compact design. These features are particularly practical and popular for mobile use. Festool offers power and precision for all drilling and screwdriving situations. For example, the Quadrive series is equipped with a four-speed metal gearbox that can generate up to 60 Nm of torque and 3800 rpm. FastFix adapters enable unbeatable flexibility and the vibration damping of the BHC 18 cordless rotary hammer provides high working comfort.

We take the hassle out of your everyday work so you can focus on what really matters

Festool offers its unique SERVICE all-inclusive package for its power tools. This enables tradespeople to focus on what really matters: Their work. After registering the tool, tradespeople have peace of mind with a 36 month warranty. The package also includes the following services: 30 day money back guarantee, a rapid repair service, 10 year spare parts availability.

New products for timber construction

The HKC 55 compound mitre saw system, the HK 55 and HK 85 circular saws, the SYSLITE DUO working light and the SYSROCK construction site radio, as well as the PowerSelect cordless system, which provides tradespeople with attractive, fair and above all individualised customisation options. Festool stands out in particular due to the combination of 5.2 Ah high-performance battery packs and brushless EC-TEC motor technology, which work together to ensure optimal power delivery, greater efficiency and a longer tool life.


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