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15th October, 2014

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Ron Deane uses the Festool system to renovate his home

Although he is an Automotive Business Manager by profession, Ron Deane has found his passion in renovating his home with Festool products.

His home renovation project has included two bathrooms, four bedrooms, lounge and dining area, kitchen and laundry. In short, he has transformed his house “from one end to the other”.

Ron chose to use Festool power tools for his renovation largely because of the system approach – he values that “It’s a system, everything works with everything else”. Even the Systainer system has been of benefit – “the Systainers keep all related items together and easily transportable.”

According to Ron, one of the greatest attributes of the Festool System and a benefit on “virtually every task” is dust extraction. According to Ron, it is “absolutely invaluable” and “definitely saves time with clean up”.

The “faster results and stronger construction” of joins that can be achieved using the unique DOMINO joining system have helped Ron with the construction of new framing, cabinets and doors.

The TS 55 together with 2 guide rails and 3 different blades including a blade for cement sheet, also serves as a versatile system solution for Ron, helping him to achieve dead straight factory quality cuts in a range of materials – from cabinet, to timber framing to cement sheet lining to bathrooms and tiling underlays and more!

With unique features such as glass balustrades and solid Jarrah floating vanities in both bathrooms, Ron has focused his efforts on precision and ensuring a quality finish to his home and believes that the German quality of Festool has helped him to achieve this. He says that “Festool is superior in almost every area. I would not now invest in anything else unless it was not available in the Festool product.”

Ron enjoys using the tools; “the ergonomics of all tools are excellent. They are lightweight and powerful”. Here is a list of the tools Ron has found handy in his renovation project:
  •  TS 55 EBQ, + 3 blades, incl Cement sheet blade   
  •  MFT/3     
  •  OF1400
  •  KAL Syslite     
  •  T 15+3     
  •  CXS (2 of them now)
  •  DF 500 Q     
  •  2 Guide rails     
  •  CT33 E
  •  PS 300 EQ     
  •  RO 150 FEQ     
  •  CT Mini AUS
  •  DTS 400 EQ         
Ron would definitely recommend Festool products to others in the industry especially high end cabinet makers and installers and home builders.

Considering Ron’s satisfaction of working with Festool power tools it’s not a surprise that he has already convinced his own family. His eldest son (a communications technician) just loves his CXS Mini Cordless Drill and Protool Hammer Drill!


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