Plastering Sanders Buying Guide

12th September, 2018

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

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Video Transcript

In this plastering sanders buying guide, we’re going to take a look at plastering sanders, the drywall sanders and talk about applications. We’ll discuss some key buying considerations you should look at before you make a purchase. This will make things work a lot more easily for you.

We might be sanding walls. We might be sanding ceilings. We might be sanding higher areas. You may need to choose different sanders to do these different things. There are fixed pole sanders on the market where we have a standard length all the time and there's obviously the option to be able to extend the handles. We can extend these out for jobs where we're trying to get to higher ceilings. This can be a benefit because it saves us having to fit a scaffold.

Reliability is another key consideration with the Planex sanders. Obviously up the top here, we've got a direct drive motor and it's driven through here. Sometimes with other offerings you need to have a look at, we've got a drive shaft. Other products unfortunately can be quite unreliable. They end up costing the person in the long run because they aren’t really efficient and when you've got to repair them, they cost a lot more.

How is it sealed for dust? Has it got good dust extraction, has it got the ability to get into edges? Where we’re doing square set applications, we can always get into edges. Is a light? When we take a look at the Planex Easy, it runs a brushless motor. Brushless motors are really reliable, they're strong and they are a lot lighter, so you reduce the weight of the head which in turn allows you to work a lot faster.

With these units, we have a specific dust extractor that's dedicated for use with plaster.  The Planex Easy and the standard Planex, we use a HD dust extractor. It's got an internal cleaning system. That allows you to get a lot more plaster in the bag but also keeps the extraction consistent all the way through. You can then get a lot more effectiveness on your dust extraction when you're working with plaster board.

When you're making a purchase decision, have you got a full system with sanding plaster? With these two units, we do a specific dust extractor for plasterboard. Plaster produces so much dust when we sand it, we have a system that is auto clean. It takes the plaster dust in but it continuously clears the filter and allows us to fill the bag. More importantly, it has a consistent extraction all the way through on the tool, which gives you better results.

If you want to find out more about buying plastering sanders, technical sales consultants will come out and see you on site. You can try it out. You can see how it works and see how it'll benefit you and your business.

Festool Longreach Plaster Sanders - LHS 225 | LHS E 225
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