Planex Easy Long Reach Sander review

1st June, 2017

Author: Matt Page - What Tradies Want Magazine

The Planex Easy Tough Test

Introducing the new Festool Planex Easy: a sanding solution that’s not only going to make your day, but also make it more profitable. The days of using awkward and long reach sanding set ups that handle more like an old donkey rather than a nimble thoroughbred are now well and truly over. The Planex Easy is the lightest long-reach sander with direct drive on the market. Boasting a minimal set-up time, you’re hitting this tool’s ‘on’ button in no time.


It’s in the name, but how ‘easy’ can it really be? When I first picked up the four-kilogram tool, I really noticed how well balanced it was. The non-flexible shaft really gives you no restrictions and you can twist and turn the Planex sanding head with absolute precision and ease. The hugely flexible long-reach sander gives the operator more freedom to move and to get the job done right with much less fatigue. The detachable brush segment on the sanding head was an excellent feature and allows the sander head to get right in to corners. The new super soft sanding pad adapted itself perfectly to the wall and ceilings and left a very professional finish. 


The Planex Easy is perfectly teamed up with the Auto Clean Dust Extractor that’s specially designed for dusty environments like sanding drywalls. This feature allows you to work cleanly in semi-finished environments with precise results and protect your lungs and health. It was great not looking like a ghost after completing the job. 


I was extremely impressed with the Planex Easy and Auto Clean Dust Extractor. Setting up these tools can be done in seconds and the downtime is minimal. The Planex Easy’s maneuverability is the clear stand out. It truly made sanding walls effortless and I actually enjoyed what is usually a pretty tedious task. This fully mobile package is perfect for the serious tradesperson who is after an easy to use solution with a second to- none material finish. Festool has done it again with a very well researched and designed tool. WTW Tradie Tough Test stamp of approval with gold.
Planex Easy
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy set up
  • Detachable brush head
  • Brushless EC-TEC Direct Drive Motor
  • Excellent dust extraction with
  • Auto Clean
  • Extremely maneuverable
  • Lightweight
  • Constant sanding speed from idle to load
  • 400w motor
  • 400-920 rpm
  • Abrasive 225mm
  • Length 1.60m
  • Weight 4kg
  • 2400w
  • Airflow 3900 l/min
  • Max vacuum 24000 (PA)
  • Weight 15.2 kg


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